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Vietnam veteran series keeps giving

Vietnam veteran series keeps giving

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The call was from a woman named Cindy. Her father was a Vietnam veteran who had been following our series “Vietnam war stories.”

She said that at one point his kids asked if he wanted to share his story with the public. He declined.

But in the weeks that passed, something remarkable happened. Cindy said that her father had something the kids called his “secret box” which they were never allowed to see.

Since the stories started to appear, the father began putting his story down on paper and just recently he gathered his children and shared with them for the first time his story and the contents of his “secret box.”

Cindy called it a “catharsis” for her father.

We had heard this before.

During our series, our reporters often heard from the veterans being interviewed that this was the first time they had told their story of their war experiences.

She said she wanted me to know the good that story had done for her father.

I suspect it did a lot of good for many of the veterans.

– Ken Tingley




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