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Blind Veteran

We teach blind veterans how to make phone calls for deaf veterans. Using Adobe connect virtual classroom technology and real time virtual instructors, we teach a group of blind veterans the skills needed to help and assist another group of hearing disabled veterans who need help in communicating to the world. If you are a blind veteran and would like more information on how you too can be trained as a “relay operator”, click below and take the first step and join others just like you.
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Deaf Veteran

Deaf Veterans are trained virtually on Adobe Creative Cloud in ways of converting websites into 508 compliance.   If a website is not 508 compliant then Blind people cannot navigate that websites message. Deaf veterans are taught the skills needed to convert any site into compliance and all of this is done from the comfort of their home. Being deaf or hard of hearing no longer means you are alone.  If you are a deaf veteran and would like more information on our programs, click here.
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Paralyzed veteran

There are over 5,000 spinal injured veterans in the US today. Each paralyzed veteran has a story to tell and a willingness to learn. In the past, it was difficult to communicate even simple things to family and care givers. Now, with the Veterans Workshop and its partnership with Tobii Technology, communication is easier than ever for this most deserving group of wounded and disabled veterans. Learning a new way to email, chat and join social media is a break thru program. Click below to start your application today.
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Unemployed Veteran

Unemployment among veterans is at an all time high. Teaching unemployed veterans a new skill is what the Veterans Workshop is all about. If you are an unemployed veteran and would like to apply for training in one of our course offerings, then fill out the application by clicking below. We have experience in getting you that job in 3 months and sometimes less. We know how hard it is to find work and we train to fill positions, not just to train veterans.  Not only are our jobs well paying but most are in the IT sector with the benefit of working from home.
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