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Homeless Veterans appeal: Injured veteran left in immigration limbo when discharged from army

Homeless Veterans appeal: Injured veteran left in immigration limbo when discharged from army

74-year-old Spokane veteran breaks treadmill records

SPOKANE, Wash. – A 74-year-old veteran is encouraging injured veterans with every stride at the Spokane Medical Center.

Bill Misner broke the world record three times for the treadmill mile, inside the center’s Physical Therapy room.

Misner started physical therapy after injuring his hip years ago.

Though he has fully recovered, Misner still comes back every week, just to push the pace.

“It’s a combination of both speed and endurance,” said Misner, the Spokane veteran.

Walk into the Spokane Veterans Center, and you have probably heard of him, but everyone in the physical therapy room has seen the former US Marine.

“You’re just trying to keep the treadmill from spitting you off the back,” said Misner.

Every week, Misner puts his time into training on the treadmill.

“I did this for 40 weeks before we made an actual attempt at this,” said Misner.

At 74-years-old, Misner is a two-time world champion for the treadmill mile in his age group.

He set the bar in 2012 after he ran a 6:32 mile.

He broke his own record twice and won the title again last year with a time of 6:18.

“I gain a lot of inspiration from these guys because I see what they’re going through,” said Misner. “Some of them are in wheel chairs or have their legs or arms gone.”

But injured veterans like John Hernandez said Misner’s dedication is inspirational.

“You see a man that’s devoted to working out and running,” said Hernandez. “He’s inspired all of us.”

Hernandez is recovering from a liver transplant. After months of rehab, he finally got the strength to walk on the treadmill last week.

“He encourages me by his friendliness. He comes over and talks to you and says stay at it,” said Hernandez.

So, it really doesn’t matter how fast you run. As long as you get on in the first place.

“If I can do it you can do it. It can be done,” said Misner.

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