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Five brothers raised in the Valley will fly out to Washington D.C. to take part in the Central Valley Honor Flight.

It’s not often that you get a family of five who live in different parts of the country together, but when you do, there’s a lot of laughter and reminiscing about old times.

But their stories of brotherhood are not all fun and games, the men of the Fries family are all veterans.

“I served two years just at the end of the Korean War,” Bob said.

“World War II, Korea, I was in the service 20 years,” Donald said.

“I was in late World War II in the Marines,” Richard said.

“I was in the Merchant Marines and I was in World War II for two years,” John said.

“I was in the service for 2 years and during the Cold War,” said Harry.

The Fries brothers served their country from the Battle of the Bulge in WWII to the Vietnam War.

Though they fought in different wars, they will all board a plane Monday at Fresno-Yosemite International Airport and head off to Washington D.C. to visit the National World War II Memorial.

The trip organized by the Central Valley Honor Flight, which recognizes American veterans for their sacrifices and achievements.

“It’s really neat that a small group can get together and send veterans back there and do that what they do for us,” Harry exclaimed.

For Richard, this trip is a way for him to pay his respects to friends he lost.

“I was very lucky I didn’t get over on the same draft with a lot of the people,” he said. “I went through retraining and ended up in the Chosin Reservoir and I lost a whole bunch of people I knew there.

The brothers say they are appreciative for the trip of a lifetime and the volunteers who will make an experience they say they will likely never forget.

“We’re calling it our last hurrah,” the brothers said.









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