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Equipment Donation

Donating Computer Equipment

Many times Veterans are faced with not being able to pursue their desire to advance in the technology field due to lack of equipment. Often times computers can be refurbished and then passed on to a deserving Veteran to use in training and then well into the start of a new career in Information Technology. Other items such as headphones, webcams, keyboards, other other various technology related items can also be useful in accomplishing these goals.The Veterans Workshop appreciates your interest in helping Veterans succeed in their journey to obtain training and gainful employment.

Please fill out the form below to donate equipment to help Veterans in need accomplish their goals of entering training and then finding careers in the Information Technology field.

Thank you in advance for your donation of equipment to help Veterans. This simple act could truly be changing the life of Veteran forever. The Veteran will provide the drive and ambition. We need your help to provide them the tools they need to accomplish the task at hand. Also, remember that any donation you make to a nonprofit, like Veterans Workshop, is tax deductible.

The Veterans Workshop (VW) is a 501(c)(3) veteran operated non-profit organization. The organization’s innovative online job training programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of moderate to severely disabled veterans. The organization also raises funds for service and rehabilitation work in connection with the US Department of Veterans Affairs and other corporate technology partners.