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Course Catalog

Blind Relay Operator

The Blind relay operator course is designed to provide vision Disabled Veterans with opportunities in the growing tele-services industry.Course Catalog  In this comprehensive course, Vision Disabled Veterans learn the various components of Voice over IP (VoIP) and Telephony PBX Systems in conjunction with a web based Chat Systems using Zoom-Text or Screen Readers. These applications are used in our systems allowing relay operators to make phone calls for deaf and hearing disabled veterans.

 Certified Salesforce Administrator – is a Cloud based business application that is currently ranked as the most innovative company in America by Forbes magazine. helps companies connect with customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. The tremendous increase in companies deploying and the number of integrated applications (Apps) that are integrated into the platform has resulted in an insatiable demand for administrators that know how to setup and maintain their Content Management System. Classroom lectures, labs and hands on experience prepare Veterans for the certification exam.

 Tier I / Tier II Technical Support –

Veterans enrolled in the technical support course will learn how fix and maintain computers and networks remotely. Tier I training prepares a student for A+ certification and upon completion prepares the Veteran for entry into our Tier II training course. In our Tier ll course we prepare students for the Network+, Security+ and the HDI (Help Desk Institute) Analyst certification. The remote technical support industry is exploding. The ability to provide convenient remote assistance for clients and customers in the convenience of their own home is becoming a huge market in the IT industry.

 Video and Image Interpretation –

Veterans enrolled in the Video & Image interpretation courses will lean how to decipher images and videos and remotely manage cameras for public safety institutions. Course Catalog The Workshop partners with E-ZPass toll systems and the Department of Homeland Security to provide contract work in these areas. All Veterans wishing to join these classes are subject to back ground criminal investigation checks (BCI) and require a secret or top secret clearance to be reinstated before placement.

 ADA 508 Compliance Validator –

Veterans will learn to manipulate and convert non-compliant websites into 508 compliance. Veterans will learn how to utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of applications to provide web administration. ADA 508 compliance is a federal regulation for all companies that do business with the government. To ensure compliance their websites must include proper placement and management of all ALT tags, Image tags, linked pages and micro sites that make up that website. Veterans who complete the training will be able to advise companies and organizations on how to address and remediate existing or potential ADA 508 issues.

Eye Tracking Communication Specialist –

This course is designed for the spinal injured veteran this training teaches how to manage and manipulate a computer using your eyes alone. The Workshop, in partnership with Tobii Technologies, allows the spinal injured Veteran the ability to learn a new skill. Course Catalog Step by step, two hours per day for a period of 8 months brings the spinal injured Veteran to an understanding of content creation. Writing blogs, updating social media, management of calendars and deploying content creation techniques are covered extensively in this comprehensive training.

 Social Media Analyst –

The social media analyst training program is a unique course for Veterans interested in becoming certified social media analysts. Social media management is critical to all organizations who monitor their online reputation and marketing efforts. Veterans enrolled in this training will learn how to manage complex software that allows for multiple social media sites to be deployed. The digital presence and up to date social footprints for clients are taught in this comprehensive course. This course teaches all about this interesting field and the latest social media tools, applications and services.

 Cyber Security I & II –

Veterans enrolled in this course will earn the fundamental skills necessary to establish baseline security procedures for network systems. The training will cover major tasks in managing primary services on a system, preform basic security techniques and troubleshoot common system errors. Upon completion of the two courses veterans will obtain advanced level knowledge in A+, network +, Security + and a HDI (Help Desk Institute) Security analyst certification. Additional certification testing in each discipline is required. cation. Additional certification testing in each discipline is required.

Oracle Certified Associate –

Students enrolled in the Oracle Certified Associate Course will learn what it takes to be a Certified Database Administrator. Oracle Certified Associates are in high demand because they can lower an organizations IT costs, deliver a higher level of service and develop specialized databases to help with production and asset management. Oracle’s database products offers fast, reliable, secure and easy-to-manage tools for all database workloads and Database Administrators are in high demand.