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Welcome Counselors

The Vet­er­ans Work­shop exists to train and employ blind, deaf, paralyzed, and hard to employ veterans. We have a national con­tract with the Depart­ment of Vet­er­ans Affairs, VR&E , and mul­ti­ple con­tracts for train­ing ser­vices at the State level with offices of rehabilitative programs. Veterans Workshop has been training disabled and unemployed veterans since 2012.  Of the veterans who have completed at least one of our training programs 100% have been offered employment with substantial pay either from us or from one of our partners.   We work with many counselors and our Vocational Rehabilitation based veterans program has been successful in four different Veterans Administration Regions to date.

Our courses are conducted live over the internet so the veteran can take the courses at home and are taught, by fellow veterans, at the veterans pace. Being in a class with fellow veterans who share close to if not the same situations allows a level of comfort and comradery that is difficult to otherwise obtain, this assists with training. All of our courses have both an instructor and an assistant instructor to help facilitate no one getting left behind. Veterans Workshop works with the veteran and counselors in order to place the veteran in a program that is best suited for them. Our instructors have all graduated from at least one of our training programs and have all worked with counselors. They are familiar with the methods our deaf, blind, and paralyzed veterans will utilize to facilitate training, such as screen readers and closed captioning.

Our course catalog as well as equipment requirements can be found by clicking the corresponding button below. If you have any further questions our admissions staff is available to provide the answers and are ready to assist counselors as well as veterans in registering for our classes.