Featured testimonial

 "The Veterans Workshop went out of their way to assist one of my vision-disabled veterans that did not have many options in the tech field. They are extremely supportive, professional and a pleasure to work with" 

Dawn P.

VA VR&E Counselor, Indiana

Featured testimonial

 "When I heard that the Veterans Workshop gives disabled veterans an opportunity to train and work with fellow veterans remotely, I immediately checked it out. I have had 3 clients graduate who are now employed and am getting ready to refer 2 more. 

David L.

VA VR&E Counselor, Oklahoma

Featured testimonial

 "I have had Veterans that proved to be very difficult to obtain employment for due to various reasons. The Veterans Workshop has not only trained the veterans I have sent to them in a short period of time, they had jobs waiting for them as soon as they graduated training. 

Dustin W.

State Voc-Rehab Counselor, Baltimore, MD